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Sending Fax Via Gmail – A Beginner’s Guide

Technology has made it possible to send fax documents through Gmail. However, there are no specific faxing features available for Gmail. The process of Gmail faxing is simple. Therefore, everyone can learn and use Google’s email fax feature That said, here is a guide that will teach you on how to do this.

Prerequisites for sending a fax via Gmail

There are two basics things to do before sending a fax through Gmail. To start with, you must fax machine 22have an online fax provider. If you are utilizing business VoIP providers, then it is likely that you have access to virtual fax services. On the other hand, if you do not use these providers, then you will be required to subscribe to their services. However, you should not rush the process. First, use the 30-days free trial period before making a subscription.

Secondly, bring Gmail into the picture. If you have used Google’s Gmail services before, Gmail faxing will certainly be easy considering that is almost similar to sending an email. The first thing to do is to enter is to enter a receiving fax number, then the address of your fax provider. After you have done this, attach your fax.

A guide for Gmail faxing

Compose your mail

The first thing to do is to sign into your Gmail account. Then on the left side of your Gmail page, you will see a tab written compose. Click the tab. Once you have done this, you will see something like a page pop up on your screen.

Enter recipient information

Once you have clicked compose the next thing to do is to enter recipient information. On the page that popped up after clicking compose, you will see a field written ‘’TO’’. Usually, you would be required to enter the fax address of the recipient in this area. Since Gmail does not recognize this, it cannot go through. Therefore, you will have to enter a domain name that your service provider will give you.


gmail plus a1After you have entered recipient information, you will be required to enter content. You have to note that fax only accepts content in document format such as.doc.xls.jpg among others. Therefore, you will be required to click a paper click attachment and select the document you wish to send. In addition, you can click the google drive button to send items stored in google drive accounts.

Cover letter

Any text found within the body of the email will be sent as a cover letter. You should type all information you consider necessary in the body. However, it should be clear and precise.