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Different Precision Machines for CNC Machining Service

The products created in CNC machining and manufacturing are only as good as the machines that made them. It is then necessary to understand the different types of CNC machines before choosing a CNC machining service provider, including its precision.

In this case, precision machining involves creating “near perfect” parts. Depending on the material used, a company can use different types of equipment to achieve such a level of precision. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used equipment for precision machining.

Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM)

cnc machiningThis machine uses electronic discharges to convert raw materials into the desired product. In this process, the material should be between plates that emit electricity. Generally, EDM can do almost anything you need. It can also make nearly any shape you want. The best part is that its electricity doesn’t require direct contact to work. Therefore, the raw materials can be better preserved.

One drawback of EDM would be its time that can take a while to complete. Besides, you also have to buy some electrodes for the machine. Another thing you have to worry about is its energy use. This machine uses a lot of electricity, so it is expensive to keep it running.

Electronic Chemical Machines (ECMs)

cnc machiningECMs not only rely on electricity but also on the chemical reactions that occur when materials are exposed. The rod is charged with electricity and aimed at the material from different distances. The distance is sufficient for the current to flow through the material and excite its molecules. Some parts of the material melt when heated, and it leads to the final product.

ECM can be used to mass-produce parts because of its short processing time. As ECM uses chemical reactions, it can be the only problem for this machine. Also, the use of electricity can change the material structure and cause corrosion (oxidation).

Water Jets

Water jetting is the last option. Use powerful jets to contour the part. Abrasives such as granite or sand are added to the water to make it more effective. Water jetting is the cheapest option of the three. Water jetting costs between $20,000 and $30,000, while ECM or EDM can be five times more expensive. However, there is a tradeoff. The machine requires more energy to operate. The water pump requires between 15 and 40 kilowatts.

These three machines are often available to use in CNC machining services. With these machines, production is expanding at an exponential rate. Therefore, keep being up-to-date for new equipment in this industry.