An E-liquid Guide For Beginners

The regular cigarettes have been proven to have tremendous adverse effects on people’s health. As a result, many people are now shifting to electronic cigarettes and vape boxes. Apart from fewer heath effects, the electronic cigarettes use refillable e-liquids.

What are e-liquids?dgsdggsdgsdg

They are a component of the vape box or the e-cigarettes that contain the ”consumable” part. The e-liquid is refillable, and they range from simple e-liquids to expensive ones. Some are bought in costly and customizable tanks while others are refilled directly to the e-cig.

What to consider when buying e-liquids

Nicotine level

They come in four nicotine levels. The strong nicotine is suitable for the heavy vapers who are addicted and vape after few minutes. This nicotine is equivalent to the one in normal cigarettes. There is the medium nicotine which offers a one step low nicotine. For those who do not vape more often can opt for the low or mild nicotine. This is the lowest amount of nicotine available in the market. The last category is the one without any nicotine. However, e-liquids without nicotine are not popular.


The number of flavors is limitless. There are as many as different flavors are. One will have to choose the ones that will fit them. If you want to enjoy different flavors, then you may need to have different refillable tanks. The common flavors in the market are strawberries, vanilla, and mint. This is one uniques advantage that ordinary cigarettes do not have. Some popular e-liquid producing companies will offer an option of doing cocktails.

E-liquid Brand

There are reputable brands that are known to produce the finest e-liquids. Others are upcoming yet produce good products. It is also advisable to confirm all the ingredients they use and ensure that none has any reactions with your body system.

E-liquid price

fdgfddfgfdgSome are expensive while others are cheap. Each manufacturer will give a justification for their price. However, the actual value for money can only be told by those who have used the product. Check for customer reviews to see the feedback. You can also try yourself and judge whether they give value for money through the experience you get. It is good to set a budget you can afford.