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Professional Commercial and Landscaping Services

Most business owners and homeowners think that landscaping is meant just for aesthetic purposes. However, it goes far beyond aesthetic looks. There are several landscaping benefits both for commercial and residential areas. When you hire a professional landscaping company, business and homeowners can achieve a functional, great-looking, and sustainable landscape.

Visual benefits

landscaping companyUsually, onlookers notice the professionally maintained and designed landscape because of its lushness, pathways, and well-trimmed trees and hedges. Also, water features and colorful flowerbeds add visual appeal. Landscapes that are full of flowerbeds are bound to create wonderful smells just like the stunning colors. You should note that landscaping benefits go beyond what one perceives.

Environmental benefits

There are several environmental benefits of a professionally designed landscape. Usually, landscapers work with business owners and homeowners to create a landscape, which meets all their needs and benefits the environment. The following are some environmental benefits you can enjoy as a result of landscaping.

Cleaner environment

Plants include shrubs, grass, trees, and flowers that capture dust and pollutants. Also, plants produce oxygen, which is required by the living things to survive.

Cooling properties

The grass is cooler as compared to hard, non-porous surfaces like asphalt and cement. Properties that have grass lawns are bound to experience a cooling effect, which keeps the surface at 30 degrees cooler as compared to bare soil or asphalt. Moreover, a landscape with trees that offer shade to building structures can experience reduced interior temperatures.

Cleaner air

Other than producing oxygen, plants and grass absorb carbon dioxide. In fact, they convert it into carbon and oxygen. This provides ample oxygen for people and other living things.

Reduced noise

Usually, hard surfaces like concrete and pavement increase the noise levels. However, properties that have landscaped lawns, plants, and trees can considerably reduce pollution and noise levels.

Water filtration

You should note that landscaping contains trees, grass, and plants that absorb harmful runoff and filter it. In this way, water supplies are kept healthier.

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Commercial landscaping benefits

Landscaping offers a lot of benefits to the business owners. For instance, it can greatly increase the number of businesses that rent the space within it. Lush landscaping and tree canopies can attract customers to your business, spend more, and even stay for an extended period. Also, employees can experience improved job satisfaction, improved health, and quality of life.


Tips To Selecting The Right Lawn Care Company

Lawn care companies ensure that the yards of properties are well kept and maintained. Such companies offer a variety of services to their clients. The services include trimming and maintaining small trees and bushes, putting fertilizer on yard plants, mowing the grass, pest control, maintaining the flowers of the garden and manicuring Custom Green Lawns. Selecting the right company is critical to ensuring the project is done well. Below are some tips on how to choose the right lawn care company.

Selecting The Right Lawn Care Company


The reputation of the lawn care company matters. Look for firms that have a good reputation. Omdkjkjdjdfjffdjane way to find out about a companies reputation is by doing an online search about the company. Some sites offer reviews and feedback for clients. This site will greatly inform about the reputation of the lawn care company. Another way of finding out is by asking about the company from people who have recommended the company to you. This information is first hand and will be an insightful resource about the company.

License and Insurance

When selecting a lawn care company, it is important to find out if the company has the required documentation to operate. This includes all the relevant licenses. Some states will need the lawn care company to have a business license and a permit for using chemicals for either, pest control or the fertilizer. Another important element is whether the company has an insurance cover for their employees and if it includes a third party liability. This will protect you from being liable for any accident or incident that may happen when the project is being done. Furthermore, in the case of any damage to your property, you will receive compensation and not incur a loss.

Techniques used

An important aspect to inquire when selecting the right company is what technique method especially for some tasks they will be handling. For instance when doing pest management, what type of chemicals will they be using, do the chemicals have an effect on the environment or people. Most lawn care companies have integrated and adopted environmentally friendly methods.

Pricing and contract

kjidfiffdifdiudIt is critical to know what the costs for the projects will be. Ask for an estimate of rate. Find out if the company does a visit to investigate the need and offer a quote. Companies that do this are worth considering. Likewise, understand the terms of the contract, what will be the duration, how often will it be, what are the terms of payment, is it after the project has been done and what happens when one has an impromptu situation that requires the service. Finally, do they offer a guarantee of service done.